HappyHop Hüpfburgen - Bouncers for happy children

There is an enormous variety of HappyHop bouncers for your home and garden. Whether your little boy is dreaming of a Climb and Slide Bouncer or an Inflatable Soccer Field, a Castle Bouncer or an Activity Center, no problem, we have got it. Girls rather prefer the cute Happy Hop Bouncer Puppyland, a Mini Water Park or a Clown Slide and Hoop Bouncer, sometimes even a Party Slide or a Bouncy House. Whatever you can imagine as a bouncer, it surely exists. Let us look at some outstanding examples of HappyHop Bouncers. First of all take a look at HappyHop Bouncer Puppyland.

One of the bestsellers: HappyHop Bouncer Puppyland

Happy Hop Puppyland is a really huge bouncer. Its size amounts to nearly 12 square meters. Nonetheless it fits into nearly every garden. Four kids can jump and run, bounce and climb, play and relax in this cute HappyHop Bouncer Puppyland. The multiple features with slide and bouncing area make Puppyland one of the top sellers among bouncing houses. Children love it at first sight. The friendly Dalmatian puppy which seems to be sliding down the slide itself feels apparently at ease and has fun. It is surely aiming at the huge bone at the bottom of the slide, isn´t it? Another small puppy invites children into the bouncing house. It surely has played there for a long time already. All over the walls it has left its footprints. How cute! No wonder, especially girls love the HappyHop Bouncer Puppyland. Puppyland is powered by a strong blower which should be running whenever the bouncer is being used. Maximum weight recommendation is 180 kg or four kids.

Boys love it: HappyHop Castle

Young knights and warriors especially like the HappyHop Castles. They look exactly like those in the fairy tales. Once entered children step into another world of kings and princesses, of armored knights and brave men. HappyHop Castle is very spacious and even has a slide over which princes and princesses can escape in case of an attack. The castle is about 3,25m in length and 3 m in width. It can easily be used indoors as well as in your garden. HappyHop Castle has an extra slide surface for extra durability. It is extremely safe. Large pillars are standing around the bounce area. Big nets prevent children from falling off. HappyHop Castle is the star on every birthday party or barbecue in your garden. Even the parents love it although they are not allowed to enter. The castle is entirely children's realm. Up to three kids at a time can play and jump, bounce and slide. Why not buy a bouncer like HappyHop Castle for your next barbecue or the family day at your company? The investment is really worthwhile. HappyHop Castle as well as all the other HappyHop bouncers are exclusively sold in Germany through www.linofant.de. Have a look an choose your favorite Bounce House or Activity Center, Slide Bouncer or Inflatable Soccer Field. All products are for private use and can be bought at a reasonable price. Just take a look at www.linofant.de. Linofant HappyHop bouncers are of ultimate quality. More than 20.000 Linofant HappyHop bouncers are standing already in homes and gardens all over Europe: in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and Austria.

HappyHop Space Bouncer for explorers

Some kids love castles, others prefer science fiction. For all space explorers among them HappyHop Space Is the right bouncer. Two to three kids can play inside. A strong electric blower takes care for an agreeable climate. It should be turned on whenever the bouncer is used.The size of HappyHop Space is 3,6 m x 2,45 m. Since the material is of extremely high quality there is a warranty of two years. HappyHop Space is absolutely safe and secure. It is complying with European Safety Standards CE and EN71 and even with the American ASTM norm. All seams are doubly stitched. Included is an extra repair kit and ground stakes for a more secure stand in windy weather conditions. The set up is quite easy. HappyHop Space Bounce inflates in less than two minutes. At www.linofant.de you can buy your bouncer even at a special price. You can pay the amount all at once or in monthly rates over a certain period. Just as you like. All Linofant bouncers are being delivered as soon as the order is placed. Some of the bouncers have roofs which can be lifted off if it gets too hot. All of them are moisture proof. Our advice: Please use an extra sheet to put under the bouncer. We recommend a canvas cloth like the ones you can buy in every building center. In general all bouncers are suited for kids aged 3 to 9. But even older kids love them.


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